DeepWell announces DeepWiki

DeepWell is proud to present DeepWiki, an online encyclopedia for the oil and gas industry.

The purpose of DeepWiki is to gather as much expertise and information as possible in one, easily accessible knowledge database. The encyclopedia is not complete yet, but we will be working continuously with experts in various fields to fill the site with knowledge.

We have linked to DeepWiki on our front page, and you can follow this link as well.


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Annual Well Intervention Technology Summit (AWITS)

On Thursday the 8th of August, DeepWell held their annual technology conference, the Annual Well Intervention Technology Summit. This year’s theme was «Integrated Operations – How to fully implement IO in the daily operations».

Representatives of several oil companies and suppliers participated at the event. After a presentation, the participants were given a practical demonstration of IO using DeepWell’s own Wireline winch. A toolstring was lowered into DeepWell’s on-site well, and all participants could follow the operation live from the DeepWell Onshore Support Centre (OSC). From there, they could see and receive the same information as the winch operators. In addition, they could see the BOP, the well and add-on drum via CCTV-images.

After the demonstration, the participants sailed to Røvær, where workshops were held on Integrated Operations. After the conference was complete, the participants were  treated to a fine dinner and a concert in the centre of Haugesund.

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