Well Control Unit

The WCU controls and operates the pressure control equipment, such as Grease injector head, Wiper, Stuffing box, Tool catcher, DHSV, Master valve and chemical injection. There is also a built-in pressure test pump used for rig-up leak test. A local control panel with explosion-proof LCD monitor displays all parameters and trend curves, including the well pressure and annulus pressure.

Well Control Unit

Enable to set automatic diff. pressure between the well pressure and Grease Injection Head pressure to reduce the risk of losing well control (leak in GIH, sealing against well pressure).
The hydraulic hoses are installed on hydraulically driven reels, controlled from a local control panel.  The WCU is built to achieve optimal access for service and maintenance. Visual inspection and filter changes can be carried out fast and easily.
Benefits with Well Control Unit:

  • Reduced risk of “losing well control”
  • Reduced need for manual work and manual lifting operations
  • Less lifting operation during rig up, thanks to having several functions in one panel
  • Integrated transfer pump for tank filling
  • Full control and monitoring functionality from local LCD control panel
  • Fast connection to Wireline Control Cabin by ethernet communication cable
  • Can be remote operated from the Wireline Control Cabin, all WCU parameters, alarms and trend curves are clearly displayed on a separate LCD monitor in the WCC
  • Full range level transmitters for tanks
  • Reliable and accurate alarm system for hydraulic leakages and pressure loss
  • Accurate trends functionalities for all parameters
  • All parameters can be displayed in real time onshore
  • Central lifting point for internal handling
  • Stainless steel construction


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