Wireline Control Cabin

DeepWell is offering a purpose-built Wireline Control Cabin. The WCC is built with extreme focus on HSE and the working enviroment. The unit drives the electric motors on the Add On Skids. The whole wireline package can be operated from the unit in a high quality ergonomic operator chair. The cabin is fully sound and vibration insulated. All parameters, trend curves and alarms are clearly displayed on three LCD monitors installed in front of the operator. A small PLC cabinet controls the spooling system,logging, depth and tension.

Wireline Control Cabin

An integrated HVAC system ensures optimal internal climatic conditions for the operator.

Benefits with AC driven Wireline Control Cabin:

  • Reduced need for manual work and manual lifting operations.
  • Does not utilize diesel engine.
  • No need for diesel refueling.
  • Meets the NORSOK requirements for internal noise, vibration and temperature.
  • Improved speed and tension control.
  • Improved depth calculation system with more accurate depth.
  • Full control and monitoring functionality from three LCD monitors installed in front of the operator.
  • Automatic setup of wells.
  • Well comparison functionalities.
  • Remote support system from onshore specialists.
  • Real time monitoring for all parameters to onshore drilling centre.
  • Power comsuption is only 440V, 63 A or higher, can be set by the operator in the software.
  • Central lifting point for internal handling.
  • Less service and maintenace required during operations.




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