DeepWell’s commitment to sustainability is integrated in our mission as a key ambassador of the energy transition. We will continue to develop through further investment and expansion in sustainable markets, focus on sustainable practices in our operations, and heightened transparency in our reporting.

DeepWell has ESG practices in place which are reviewed and updated regularly and reported quarterly. DeepWell tracks and reports the amount of waste it produces, how much is recycled, and the amount of greenhouse gas emissions they produce, broken down into scope 1, 2 and 3 tiers, as defined by the Greenhouse Gas Protocol.

DeepWell are ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified, in addition we are EPIM sertified.

DeepWell also follows a strict set of ethical guidelines built on anti-corruption, whistleblowing procedures and customer feedback.



Our values; Safety, Service, Sense of ownership and Brainpower are the characteristics of a DeepWell’er. By living up to our values we create a safe business environment with commitment to deliver high quality service and ensure continuous improvement. DeepWell works according to the 0-philosophy with an ambition to avoid all harm to people, environment, equipment and assets and other service. 


  • We always put safety and security first
  • We work to maintain a healthy and inclusive work environment
  • We follow the Life-Saving rules
  • We are hands-on with regards to risk assessment
  • We have a zero tolerance for intoxicating substances at work

We expect complete dedication to matters of safety, both from ourselves and from our clients. We are thinkers, and we think safety first.



Our Clients BP ConocoPhillips Wintershall AkerBP Equinor Halliburton AKOFS Offshore Maersk Lundin Norway

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