Change of management in DeepWell AS

Rolf M. Leknes has asked to be relieved from his position as CEO of DeepWell AS. He has served as Chairman of the Board since 2015 and CEO since 2016. His leadership has been instrumental for the growth and strategic positioning throughout these years.

“DeepWell has secured an important strategic position as one of the leading well intervention companies on the Norwegian shelf. The company has a dedicated and great team that has delivered consistently safe and high-quality services in a period with increased activity and complexity. I wish the team and the new CEO all the best in the continuation of building the company further” says Rolf.

We hereby thank Rolf for his great efforts and wish him all the best in his pursuit for new opportunities

Jørgen Arnesen will, as of 1 May 2019, assume the role as new CEO in DeepWell AS.

Jørgen has more than 25 years’ experience working world wide within the Oil & Gas industry, in building up and management of drilling and oil service companies.  His latest position was CEO of COSL Drilling Europe AS and has previously held managerial positions in companies like Awilco Offshore Semi, Stena Drilling, Odfjell Drilling and Odfjell Well Services. He is educated as Petroleum engineer (BSc), Electrical engineer (BSc) and Diploma economist (BBa).

” I very much look forward to be part of the DeepWell-team and to work closely with the employees, customers and business partners in growing the company further” says Jørgen. He also stresses the importance embedded in the stated values of the company.

We welcome Jørgen and look forward to working him!

Stig Arne Nordli Andersen (CFO) has resumed the position as acting CEO in the interim period.

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DeepWell and Halliburton to supply EWL (Electric Wireline Logging) Services to Equinor

On April 4th -2019, an amendment for provision of Electric Wireline Logging services (EWL) to DeepWell ‘s contract for provision of Mechanical Wireline Services (MWL) for Equinor was signed. The services will be provided together with Halliburton and the amendment also includes a provision for supply of Powered Mechanical Services (PMS). Supplier of the PMS Services are yet to be concluded.

The Contract amendment covers a trial period that commenced February 1st -2019, for the parties to prepare for Equinor ‘s ITT for “Integrated Wireline Services” in 2021. “The award represents yet another milestone for DeepWell and an important strategic position for the future”, says CEO, Rolf M Leknes. He also expresses the importance of the strategic cooperation with Halliburton that have enabled the two companies to secure this position.

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DeepWell to supply Wireline Services under the LWI contract between Equinor (RLWI 2020)

On June 19th, 2018 a contract for provision of Light Well Intervention Services for Equinor was awarded AKOFS for the vessel AKOFS Seafarer. The contract includes provision of intervention services together with DeepWell and Welltec, commencing March 2020. The fixed contract is for 5 years with an optional period of 3 years. DeepWell’s scope includes provision of all wireline and basic logging services, together with operational support and crews. DeepWell’s contract value for the initial period is MNOK 250 +

“The award represents another strategic milestone for DeepWell and an extension of our scope and capabilities”, says CEO, Rolf M Leknes. He also expresses his excitement related to the anticipation of cost efficiency resulting from the technical solutions and operational model that is developed for performance of the work.

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Renewal of contract with Lundin Norway AS

On December 2017 DeepWell was awarded a new contract with Lundin Norway AS. The contract replaces a  subcontract for provision of Mechanical Wireline Services via GE Baker Hughes to Lundin Norway AS, that commenced in 2014.

The contract covers provision of Cased hole Wireline services for various Drilling Units on contract with Lundin Norway and/or onboard fixed installations, currently the Edward Grieg platform. The contract period is 4 years, commencing December 14th 2017, with 2 x 1 year optional periods.


“The award of a new contract that includes provision of multiple services operated by DeepWell, confirms the customers view of the value represented by our integrated business model” , says CEO, Rolf M Leknes. He also express his appreciation of Lundin’s renewed trust in DeepWell as a direct Contractor.

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Collaborative agreement with Halliburton

On October 6th 2017, DeepWell signed a cooperation agreement with Halliburton. The agreement gives DeepWell access to Halliburton’s services and products as part of its portfolio.
The duration of the agreement is 5 years. We are now working together with several exciting projects , where services from both companies will be offered in existing and new contracts.

Combining offerings from both companies represents  cost effective solutions for our clients and secure additional volume & work scope for our companies.

The next step will be to assess x-training and integration of the companies’ services as well as developing  joint marketing and operational cooperation.
This will be carried out together with the Union Representatives and the Safety Delegate Service.


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Change of Management in DeepWell AS

Martha K. Bakkevig has asked to be relieved from her position as CEO of DeepWell AS, effective October 10th 2016. Martha has served in this role since 2007 and her leadership has been instrumental for the strategic development of the company so far, and for the recent award of a major contract for Statoil on the NCS. “The award represents an important milestone for the company, and I am proud of what we have achieved. It also represents a shift from a strategic to a more operational phase that requires a different leadership” says Martha.  She has therefore concluded that it is time for her to pursue other interests. She will still be part of the DeepWell team as a member of the Board of the Company.

We hereby thank Martha for her efforts and wish her all the best in her pursuit of new challenges!

Rolf Leknes has assumed the role as CEO, effective the same date. Rolf has served as chairman of the board since 2014. Rolf has more than 30 years experience from operative and administrational positions in oil service companies, including positions as CEO of Weatherford in Norway and Vice President for Weatherford’s North Sea region. He has also served as president of former Aker Solutions Well Intervention Services in Scandinavia and executive vice president in Aker Solutions for the Well Intervention Services (WIS) business area. “I am proud to become a part of the DeepWell team and look forward to working closely with both employees, customers and business partners” says Rolf. He also stresses the importance embedded in the stated values of the company.


Karmøy/Stavanger October 10 2016

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DeepWell secures major contract with Statoil, increasing market share significantly.

DeepWell has secured a long-term contract for provision of mechanical wireline services to Statoil. The contract value for the firm period, including options for add-on services, is estimated to exceed NOK 1 billion over a four-year period, or more than NOK 2 billion if optional periods are included.

Contract for the next decade
DeepWell’s existing contract with Statoil dates back to 2009. The new contract secures activity and a more predictable future for DeepWell and its employees for the next decade.

“The award is seen as proof of DeepWell’s strong operational performance under the existing contract with Statoil and its competitive position in the market”, says DeepWell chief executive officer Martha Kold Bakkevig.

The contract covers provision of mechanical wireline services for 10 fixed installations (Gullfaks (A, B & C) Statfjord (A, B & C), Snorre (A & B) and Sleipner (A & Vest) and 11 Mobile Drilling Units.

The contract has a fixed term of 4 years plus three 2-year extension options, for a potential contract period of 10 years. Additional optional scope under the contract includes logging and other conveyance services.

DeepWell is committed to support Statoil in achieving increased efficiency and reduced overall cost. “Our approach is both holistic and long term, meaning we have invested in competence, systems and technology to allow for faster and more precise work, higher share of value adding activities in the well, and reduced personnel on board”.

The Statoil contract represents one of two large fixed contracts on the NCS for years to come. “The award are of great motivation after challenging years for the industry. We intend to make use of this strong foundation for the benefit of existing and new customers”, concludes Bakkevig.

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DeepWell har fått Statoil-kontrakt for Songa Enabler og Deepsea Atlantic

Statoil tildelte DeepWell, før nyttår, en kontrakt på boreriggen Deepsea Atlantic, og nå i februar ble DeepWell tildelt kontrakt på boreriggen Songa Enabler. DeepWell skal levere “Mechanical Wireline Work” (MWL) for Songa Enabler på Snøhvit-feltet fra ca. mai 2016, og frem til 31.01.2017. Deepsea Atlantic skal starte forboring av produksjonsbrønner på Johan Sverdrup-feltet i februar 2016 og DeepWell har fått kontrakt på leveranse av “Mechanical Wireline Work” (MWL) med opsjon på “conveyance with electrical cables”. DeepWell anser dette som viktige kontrakter i et krevende marked.

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DeepWell secures contract with Lundin

DeepWell are pleased to announce that they have been awarded a four year contract with Lundin Norway for wireline services on the Edvard Grieg field. The contract also includes two options for a one year extension. The contract applies to all cased hole services, including tractor and electric wireline logging, and will be carried out in collaboration with Welltec and a major service company.


The contract will commence immediately, servicing the Rowan Viking rig which is currently pre-drilling on the Edvard Grieg field.  The scope of the work will later be expanded to include the Edvard Grieg platform once this is in place in the second half of 2015.


“With this award, DeepWell strengthen their position as a key player within well service on the Norwegian Continental Shelf”, says CEO in DeepWell, Martha Kold Bakkevig. “With modern wireline equipment optimized for integrated operations (IO), and with increased use of Real-Time data as a decision support tool, we will contribute to safer and more efficient offshore operations in both the planning and execution phase. DeepWell takes the contract award as a confirmation that Lundin Norway values new technology that enables safer and more effective well interventions”.


The Edvard Grieg field (formerly named Luno) is an oil and gas field located in the North Sea. The field is planned to encompass 11 production wells and 3 water injection wells.  The field contains the equivalent of 185 million barrels of oil in proven and probable reserves, which will be produced during a 20 year period.  Edvard Grieg is being developed as a field center for future connections, including the Ivar Aasen field.  The operator is Lundin Norway (50%) and the other license holders are Wintershall Norge (15%), OMV Norge (20%) and Statoil Petroleum (15%).

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Statoil forlenger med DeepWell

Statoil har i dag utøvet opsjon med DeepWell for 2 nye år, noe som sikrer DeepWell arbeid for Statoil frem til og med Januar 2017.


Kontrakten omhandler wirelinetjenester i forbindelse med brønnintervensjon på de faste plattformene Statfjord, Snorre og Sleipner, samt flyteren COSL Pioner. I tillegg forlenges DeepWell sin opsjon for leveranse av loggetjenester. Kontraktsverdien av forlengelsen estimeres til ca. NOK 300 mill.


DeepWell ser på forlengelsen av kontrakt som et tegn på at Statoil er fornøyd med det arbeidet som er utført. Ikke desto mindre vil vi fortsette det gode arbeidet med et høyt sikkerhetsnivå samt kontinuerlig arbeide for forbedringer som fører til enda sikrere og mer effektive tjenester, sier CEO i DeepWell Martha Kold Bakkevig.


Haugesund, 10. April 2014

Kontaktperson er Martha Kold Bakkevig, CEO DeepWell, mobil (+ 47) 909 92 949

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