Wireline Well Intervention 

Wireline Well Interventions services in Oil and Gas wells are Deepwell`s core business.

As a “gate keeper” in Well pressure control DeepWell uses the most modern fleet of full-electric Wireline Units, wireline cables and pressure Control Equipment on the NCS.

We perform our operations from conventional fixed installations, mobile rigs, and riserless (Light Well Intervention) from single hull vessels.

Our downhole services include slickline, braided line, e-line and a range of cased hole services. The work is performed through real-time cooperation between our highly skilled offshore crews and DeepWell Onshore Operations Center (OOC), manned 24-7 with experienced well specialists.

Well Intervention Support 

DeepWell provides Expert Well Intervention Support and planning from a team of highly experienced specialists for all kinds of well intervention operations.

Our onshore bases facilitate integrated Onshore Operations Centre – OOC. All parameters from the wireline operations are monitored in real-time and recorded for further use. From OOC, real-time video and direct radio link enables direct supervising and guidance to field engineer. This Real-Time Knowledge and understanding of situation are an important part and contributor to our excellence in safety and operational quality.



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