Our values

Our values are the pillars and characteristics of DeepWell. By striving to live up to our values we create a safe and sound business environment, and ensure that we all have guidelines in our work. These values are meant to remind us of who we are, and to create an excellent work environment that attracts the very best talent in the business.

DeepWell Values, Safety


We expect complete dedication to matters of safety, both from ourselves and from our clients. We are thinkers, and we think safety first.

No other aspect of our work gets as much attention as safety. Whatever happens, whatever the challenge we face, safety will never be compromised.Our strong dedication to safety is also a natural inclusion in design, planning and commissioning of offshore operations as well as onshore activities, and is heavily endorsed during training and education in DeepWell.

DeepWell Values, Service


By listening and thus understanding our client’s needs, we are able to deliver high quality service.

Through close collaborations, we aim to quickly deliver and offer the best possible solutions available. Our goal is to offer unparalleled service, which is why we promote this core value throughout our training programs.

DeepWellers always make sure clients can rest assured that the work we do is thorough, well thought-out and delivered on time.

DeepWell Values, Sense of Ownership

Sense of ownership

We are doers – we get things done. We are reliable with a clear mission to deliver, and have our company’s interest at heart. We are DeepWellers.

Our greatest assets are the people we work with, our co-workers; the passionate, brilliant minds who we trust to deliver superior work every time. To instill a sense of ownership we communicate openly and clearly, give individuals responsibility – and hold each other to it. Trust breeds initiative, responsibility breeds pride. A client will know a Deepweller by their commitment, knowledge and thorough understanding of their responsibilities – a Deepweller operates with the full backing of the rest of the company.

DeepWell Values, Brainpower


Intelligent solutions begin with brainpower. DeepWell require minds with intellectual capacity – minds eager to learn more.

We take pride in our next generation equipment and downhole tools. We value our outstanding client solutions, integrated operations systems and onshore support center. DeepWell is considered to be a technology leader in the wireline industry. To maintain this track, and to elevate it to the next level, all DeepWellers are encouraged to take initiative, to look for better solutions and to turn ideas into applicable solutions. There is a very short way from initiative taker to decision maker. Ideas come to fruition quickly in DeepWell, which is why we are proud to be DeepWellers.



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