DeepWell recognizes the need for integrated operations in order to achieve safer and more efficient well interventions.

Knowledge and information available in real-time is a premise for integrated operations and multi-discipline collaboration between onshore and offshore.

DeepWell possesses knowledge based on extensive experience in the well service industry. Our mission is to provide available information when needed – in real time – in such a way that it promotes safety and efficiency during well operations.
Making knowledge and information available in real-time, throughout the company, involves the application of technology that make it possible to collect, store, process, transmit and retrieve data in various situations. It also requires a tight integration of the work processes between onshore and offshore in DeepWell, as well as a close collaboration with our customers and business partners.

DeepWell can offer clients a complete package (equipment, computer software and hardware, and crossed-trained personnel) in order to deliver integrated operation services. Real-time data facilitates instant remote analysis, problem solving and decision making.

Our vision “More Knowledge In Real Time” acknowledges this reality. Our mission is to deliver available information when needed – in real time – in a manner that promotes safety and efficiency of well operations.

The message to our clients is: “DeepWell real-time knowledge means better decision-making during well service operations, giving greater security and efficiency, and delivering greater oil and gas production for operators”. In this way our shared vision guides our priorities as we continue to improve and advance the company.



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